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  1. 2019: Global Fellow of the International Society for Performing Arts (ISPA), New York
  2. 2017-2018: International Arts Leaders programme run by the Australia Council for the Arts
  3. 2017: Global Fellow of the International Society for Performing Arts (ISPA), New York
  4. 2015: Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar (2013, 2014) from Sangeet Natak Akademi, Governmentof India for the field of Contemporary Dance
  5. 2014: Grantee of the Arts Practice programme from the India Foundation for the Arts, Bangalore to develop a new solo work (Across, not Over) with choreographer Preethi Athreya
  6. 2013-2014: ARTHINK South Asia Arts Management Fellow – an annual programme that selects 15 arts practitioners from across South Asia
  7. 2009: An India Finalist for British Council’s Young Performing Arts Entrepreneur Award
  8. 2006: Shortlist for British Council’s Creative Future of India entrepreneurial award
  9. 2006: Best Director and Best Costume Design for Crossings at the Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards, Delhi. Crossings also won Best Supporting Actress and Best Sound Design
  10. 2003-2005: National Junior Fellowship in the Performing Arts (Dance) from Sangeet Natak Akademi, Government of India to develop two dance and theatre projects
  11. 2002: MA in Theatre and the World (Distinction) from University of Wales, Aberystwyth
  12. 2000: INLAKS Scholarship for the MA in Theatre and the World, University of Wales, Aberystwyth
  13. 1995-1997: National Scholarship to Young Workers in Cultural Fields (Kathak), Department of Culture, Ministry of HRD, Government of India


  1. 2018-2019: Orlando / Always Offshore (working title), a proposed new project for two performers
  2. 2018: Kathak / Cynghanedd, a research residency with poets Eurig Salisbury (Wales) and Sampurna Chattarji (India) exploring the interstices of sound and word, movement and gesture. Residency in Aberystwyth, Wales, August 2018
  3. 2018: The Calling, movement and choreography for this jazz ensemble piece composed by Adam Simmons. Premiere in Melbourne, May 2018
  4. 2017: Enter, Uninvited (working title), a performance collaboration with actress Anubha Fatehpuria
  5. 2015: Performer in Preethi Athreya’s work-in-progress, The Jumping Project with an ensemble of ten performers from various parts of India and Sri Lanka.
  6. 2014: Co-choreographer on Helena Waldmann’s (Berlin, Germany) Made in Bangladesh. Premiere tour in Europe, November-December 2014. Six international tours till July 2016 with performances in Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, India, Bangladesh, Sweden, The Netherlands, Poland and Italy.
  7. 2014: Across, not Over, a solo choreographed by contemporary dancer Preethi Athreya under the Arts Practice Grant Programme from the India Foundation for the Arts, Bangalore. Premiere in Chennai in October 2014. Further performances at international festivals and venues in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Auroville (India), Vienna (Austria), London (UK), Durban (South Africa) till date.
  8. 2014 / 2016: Performer with David Rolland (France), Padmini Chettur and Preethi Athreya (India) for L’Etranger au Paradis Indien (Alliance Francaise). Shows in Chennai and Delhi (India) as part of Alliance Française’s Danse Dialoges in April 2014; in Les Mons and Nantes as part of Namaste India.
  9. 2000-2003: Various projects with Wales based director Richard Gough in England, Wales and Italy.
  10. 2000-2002: Various projects with Italian performance maker Firenza Guidi in Wales, Italy, India.
  11. 2003: Co-choreographer with Debashree Bhattacharya for the German film, Shadows in Time directed by Florian Gallenberger.


  1. 2013: Those Who Could Not Hear the Music (Performances in Calcutta, Delhi, Guwahati, Imphal, Mumbai)
  2. 2009: Equus (Performances in Calcutta, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad)
  3. 2006: Bahudha – Dance film co-choreographed with Debashree Bhattacharya and directed by cinematographer Ranjan Palit. Nominated for the Jury Prize at the Dance On Camera Festival, New York
  4. 2005: Rangeeniyan (Performances in Calcutta, Balasore, Chennai, Jamshedpur, Jaipur)
  5. 2004: Vaichitra (Performances in Calcutta, Dhanbad, Trivandrum, Jodhpur, Mysore, Kharagpur, Bhubaneswar, Indore, Bhopal, Mumbai; Paro in Bhutan)
  6. 2004: Crossings (Performances in Calcutta, Shantiniketan, Jamshedpur, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, villages in Kerala and Karnataka, London, Wales, Tbilisi in Georgia)
  7. 2003: Shunya Se (Performances in Calcutta, Chennai, Jamshedpur in India; Beirut, Tripoli, Jounieh in Lebanon)
  8. 2002: Prathama (Performances in Calcutta, Delhi, Kottayam in India; Doha in Qatar)


  1. 2016: Ranan is partner for an international residency – Imagining Improvisation – facilitated by dancer/choreographer Anika Bendel from Stuttgart and Vikram Iyengar. Residency participants are dancers from the Ranan repertory (supported by Goethe Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Kolkata
  2. 2015: Ranan is production partner for Helena Waldmann’s Made in Bangladesh and Schaubuhne’s Enemy of the People (Goethe Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Kolkata)
  3. 2014: Ranan partners Scottish Dance Theatre for one of their three arts engagement programmes in India – a week-long movement residency with students and members of a women’s group in Bali II island, Sundarbans.
  4. 2013: Ranan is production partner for German choreographer Sasha Waltz’s site-specific work in Calcutta in collaboration with Indian contemporary dancer-choreographer Padmini Chettur, and Felix Ott’s The Odyssey. (Goethe Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Kolkata)
  5. 2011: The Edge project with Transport Theatre, UK under the British Council Connections Through Culture programme. Workshop based field research in London and Folkestone (UK) and Calcutta and Sundarbans (India)


  1. Remembering Veenapani Festival – Adishakti, Auroville, India (February 2017)
  2. JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Festival – Durban, South Africa (August 2016)
  3. Bolzano Danza, International Festival of Dance – Bolzano, Italy (July 2016)
  4. Alchemy Festival, Southbank Centre – London, UK (May 2016)
  5. Navadisha International Dance Conference – Birmingham, UK (May 2016)
  6. [Trans]Asia Portraits – Vienna, Austria (February 2016)
  7. Kemptener Tanzherbst – Kempten, Germany (October 2015)
  8. Tanztheater International – Hannover, Germany (September 2015)
  9. Dance Festival – Munich, Germany (May 2015)
  10. Attakalari Biennial – Bangalore, India (February 2015)
  11. National Centre for the Performing Arts – Mumbai, India (2015, 2014, 2011, 2005)
  12. IGNITE! Festival of Contemporary Indian Dance – Delhi, India (January 2015)
  13. International Theatre Festival of Kerala – Trichur, India (January 2015)
  14. Bharangam, National Theatre Festival – Delhi, Guwahati, Imphal (2014, 2010, 2009)
  15. India Culture Lab – Mumbai, India (2013)
  16. Nishagandhi Festival – Trivandrum, India (2013, 2007)
  17. International Youth Theatre Festival – Sheffield, UK (2012)
  18. Tbilisi International Theatre Festival – Tbilisi, Georgia (2011)
  19. ELAN Frantoio – Fucecchio, Italy (2009)
  20. Prithvi Theatre Festival – Mumbai, India (2009)
  21. META (Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards) – Delhi, India (2006)
  22. Hong Kong Festival of Performing Arts (2006)
  23. Centre for Performance Research – Aberystwyth, UK (2005)
  24. Nehru Centre – London, UK (2005)


  1. Current (2016 onwards): Initiator and Director of The Pickle Factory, Calcutta – a proposed venue for dance and movement practice, discourse and development
  2. Current (2004 onwards): Co-founder and Artistic Director of Ranan Performance Collective, Calcutta
  3. 2015: Co-curator of the conference at the IGNITE Festival of Contemporary Indian Dance, Delhi
  4. 2013: Co-editor of the Purush festival blog in Chennai
  5. 2013: Co-curator of the dance related exhibition, What Remains in Calcutta (School of Media, Communication and Culture, Jadavpur University, Calcutta)
  6. 2009 to 2015: Co-editor of e-Rang, an online theatre journal brought out by the India Theatre Forum
  7. 2009: Coordinator for International Choreography Seminar (Padatik, Calcutta)
  8. 2008, 2006, 2004: Research and collation of material on exhibitions and yearbooks on theatre personalities Habib Tanvir, Prithviraj Kapoor, Satyadev Dubey (Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai)
  9. 2003: Member of Faculty for BA and MA at the Department of Theatre, Film and Television Studies, University of Wales, Aberystwyth leading the modules of Asian Theatre and Intercultural Theatre.
  10. 2003: Researcher for Cultural Ballast project (Centre for Performance Research, Wales)
  11. 1998-2000: Assistant Editor, Seagull Theatre Quarterly, Calcutta
  12. 1997-2000: Administration and choreography assistance to Smt. Rani Karnaa at her dance academy, Samskritiki Shreyaskar.

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